ICON at our Country's Capital! 

P.I.E.  Chair Jacob Torres, Lieutenant Governor Tricia Tran, and Division Executive Assistant Claire Carter attend ICON (International Convention) in Washington D.C, Maryland. Prior to the convention, they toured with CNH to places around DC and mingled with many other key clubbers. During their time there, they attended work shops and caucuses, and they voted for the next trustees, president, and vice president. To hear the news and changes made during ICON, check out the "News" tab. 

May Board at Rancho Cucamonga!

District P.I.E. Chair Jacob Torres and D20/32 Lieutenant Governor Tricia Tran attended May Board located at Rancho Cucamonga. Jacob prepared himself to run his PIE Committee and assigned tasks for it. Tricia, in the MR (Member Recognition) committee and now the head of the sub-committee for Judging Programs, learns more on what will be needed to take on for her task as well as getting trained on how to better serve our divison.